Portrait of Colonel Henry Ludington
Sybil's glamorous first cousin, Edith, had been sent
by her father to live with the Ludingtons while he
went on an important trip to France. Edith's mother
was Abigail Ludington's deceased sister and the
Ludington family was delighted to have their
mother's niece stay with them indefinitely in New
York. Edith's father was a wealthy Virginia planter
and since she had always had servants, she had to
learn how to do the simplest of home chores while
living with the Ludingtons. Like making candles.   
Abigail Ludington, Sybil's mother, spun  wool which
her girls then knitted into warm woolen socks for
the Patriots who were always in need of them when
their shoes had holes and often fell apart.
But Edith had secrets....

                        George Washington delivered a medal to Sybil Ludington,
                        acknowledging that her heroic efforts had resulted in the
                        Patriots driving the British back to their landing boats at the
                        Battle of Ridgefield.
The Patriots endured harsh winters--often with inadequate clothing.