The Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mysteries


ISBN -13: 978-1419607059

There is more intrigue in London than 13-year-old
Irish dancer Liffey Rivers could have ever
How will she tell the smug-looking  security guard
at the National Portrait Gallery that something is
wrong with one of the portraits of Queen Elizabeth I
hanging in the Tudor Gallery?
And how can she even pretend that she is ready to
dance at an Irish dance competition in County
Sligo next week?
And why is the Irish judge at the prizewinner stage
winking at her?
Liffey has seen those eyes before.

ISBN (13):  978-1419652905

The ancient Irish believed that people were affected by
the cycles of the moon and that the moon can be
linked to intuition and has real power over the deeds of
They called the moon in September their ‘Blood Moon.’
It was the time when they prepared for the long, dark
winter ahead.
Their daily prayer to the Celtic moon goddess was:
“Leave us sound and whole.”
The month of the Blood Moon is also the time when 13-
year-old Irish dancer, Liffey Rivers, finds herself drawn
back to Ireland seeking answers on the Mountain of
the Moon. Searching for the lady who wears a diamond
ISBN-13:  9781439202418
There is more excitement at this feis** than Liffey
Rivers could have ever imagined!
Will she finally win a 1st place in her soft shoe jig
(her best dance) and get her very own solo dress
at last?
Or will she get a "good, but not good enough" 2nd
or 3rd place?
And who is that man Liffey sees standing by the
elevators with the streak of white hair running down
the back of his head (like a skunk) and what is he
up to?  
Liffey has seen him before. He is carrying a
shopping bag with a beautiful curly-haired Irish
Dancer Doll peeking out. Liffey can see that the
doll is wearing a dazzling diamond solo dress
crown...but something is WRONG.
** Irish dance competition
ISBN  (13) 978-1439271384

13-year-old Irish dancer Liffey Rivers is on safari in
South Africa with her eccentric Aunt Jean headed to an
Irish dance competition in Johannesburg.

After dodging a charging rhino, fending off a pride of
lions and re-routing an enraged mother elephant,
Liffey's problems have just begun.

When Liffey is confronted by a deadly Black Mamba
snake in the tall savanna grasses, she must rely on
instinct and her Irish dancing ability to survive.

At the Johannesburg Feis, Liffey's troubles continue
and she finds herself, along with a little boy in a
wheelchair, again in the shadow of the serpent.
      ISBN-13: 978-1461103011
This is the first collection of SHORT STORIES in the Liffey
Rivers Irish Dancer Mystery Series. They were originally
published in Irish Dancing and Culture Magazine. In "The
Mystery of the Missing Novice," Liffey notices that there
are two unrelated young dancers at an Irish dance
competition (feis) who look like identical twins. When one
of them goes missing, Liffey's intuition and attention to
detail brings about the safe return of the missing novice. In
"The Case of the Clumsy Clowns," Liffey suspects that a
group of klutzy clowns who call themselves the Joyful
Jesters, might be up to something more than entertaining
their audience. “The Mystery of the Temporary Trophy,”
finds Liffey at a feis in New York with her Aunt Jean who is
suffering from Post Traumatic Bling Syndrome. Liffey
observes that one of the trophies to be awarded at this feis
looks suspiciously like the ancient Derrynaflan Chalice she
has seen before in a Dublin museum. In “The Werewolves
of Ossory,” Liffey rescues a dancer from Ireland who has
traveled alone to the Seattle Halloween Feis burdened with
a centuries old family curse.
ened with a centuries old family
             Book 5

After Irish dancer Liffey Rivers' harrowing
experiences in South Africa are finally over
and she manages to get back to Wisconsin by
way of a pilgrimage to Lourdes, she takes an
idyllic Alaskan cruise with her family and best
friend, Sinead McGowan.
Her trip's itinerary includes, in addition to
exciting shore excursions: her first boyfriend
and an Irish dance competition (feis) in
Liffey Rivers sets sail straight into the arms of
contentment. And her worst enemy.
ISBN-13: 978-1477510575

           Book 6
ISBN13: 9781479194131
In Book #6 of the Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer
Mysteries, Irish dancer Liffey Rivers sets
out during a freak November 1st blizzard in
Mineral Point, Wisconsin, to help a friend
decipher a mysterious puzzle that may lead
to an undiscovered gold mine. When a
blast of frigid wind deposits a huge pile of
snow in her path, Liffey uses her Irish
dance training to launch herself over it and
discovers that High Street has two sides: a
Gray Dog side and a Red Rooster side.
Same direction. Very different paths.
The Mystery of the Pointing Dog is
Wisconsin historical fiction set in 1842
interwoven with Liffey Rivers’ most
challenging and baffling mystery to date.
ISBN13: 9781548797973
Liffey Rivers' world is changed forever when
she begins meditating daily while sitting on the
ground in between the two old ginkgo trees in
her backyard. Voices coming from the ground
beneath her, earth tremors, the discovery of
an ancient Native American effigy, a
mysterious Catholic nun in a white habit
floating above her like wispy smoke from a
chimney. Almost extinct box turtles are in her
yard everyday and there is a mysterious air
quality problem in Mineral Point with no
apparent cause. When high school students
are terrorized by what appears to be a
vampire, waiting for their school bus one
morning, the Chief of Police becomes involved
and discovers that a threatening poem, a box
turtle and a warning of retribution written in
Japanese, has been deposited in The
Foundry Books' pagoda-like haiku box on the
bookstore's front porch. Liffey Rivers soon
realizes that she is facing an unimaginable
crisis in what has, up until now, been a safe
place to live and hide.
                  BOOK 7