Try forging Queen Elizabeth I's signature....
From the National Portrait Gallery in London to the hills of Ireland, excitement and intrigue follow Liffey
Rivers wherever she goes. Liffey Rivers and the Mystery of the Winking Judge is a gripping read with a
heroine who never loses sight of the ultimately important things - her first solo dress and that all important
It's the perfect read for any Irish dancer who can empathize with Liffey's instantly likeable character and
the trials that she faces as it seems that everything is just determined to come between her and the Beltra
feis. This is one to share with your non Irish dancing mates as well; Liffey Rivers will appeal to just about
any teenager. The star stumbles easily into trouble and out of it just as effortlessly. Dealing along the way
with everything from the loss of a parent, to looking stupid in front of a cute security guard!
This is the second Liffey Rivers Irish dancing mystery that will keep you guessing right through to the end,
starring a quirky Irish dancer who should not be underestimated! We love Liffey and we love her dad, the
long suffering Robert Rivers. This book has got it all, mystery, intrigue, comedy, even a history lesson and,
of course Irish dancing! Bring on more Liffey Rivers adventures!
                                                                         By Ellie
                                            Irish Dancing and Culture Magazine: Bristol, UK
To use a photo of the real portrait
of Queen Elizabeth I's coronation
portrait which is hanging in the
National Portrait Gallery, one must
pay a King's ransom to the UK I chose to go the
cartoon route instead!  You can go
here and have a look at the real

LIFFEY RIVERS and her father, ROBERT RIVERS, love to eat shrimp fried rice in London's Chinatown.
This rhyme helps you remember
what became of Henry VIII's
unfortunate, ill-fated wives:  

Catherine of Aragon   Divorced

Anne Boleyn                 Beheaded

Jane Seymour              Died

Anne of Cleves            Divorced    

Catherine Howard       Beheaded    

Catherine Parr             Survived
Liffey visits Hampton Court and plans to go back
someday for a ghost stake-out.
After Liffey Rivers has pretty much turned London upside down,
she and her father take off for IRELAND. Being Liffey Rivers, the
portrait problem she discovers in London follows her to Dublin and
on to County Sligo (for the Beltra Feis) where she solves the
mystery of the winking judge.

                             Link to Liffey Rivers in Ireland:
i LOOOVVEE the liffey rivers books
and have passed them around my
friends who have read them and
loved them as well!!! : i cant wait to
read this one and the one after
that!!! i love the cliff hangers in
your books!!! : i remember the one
when liffey watches the video on
knocknarea i think!! that was my
favourite!!! : i think more books
should have cliff hangers!! they
make them so much more exciting!!
        K.M. Sligo, Ireland
Liffey Rivers reader visiting the  National Portrait Gallery in
London where The Mystery of the Winking Judge begins.