The first Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mystery
  Blood Diamonds Prominent In
Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mysteries

13-year-old Irish dancer Liffey Rivers
routinely foils flow of Conflict Diamonds
at Irish Dance competitions.     

County Sligo, Ireland. February 28,
. “My conflict diamond IQ was way
below average when I started writing
the first Liffey Rivers Irish dancer
mystery in 2005,” says Irish-American,
young adult author Brenna Briggs. “I
had heard of illicit diamonds being
smuggled out of Africa to bankroll
rebels before I did research for
Rivers and the Mystery of the
Sparkling Solo Dress Crown
, but I
had no idea of the extent and the
unimaginable atrocities that had
become routine in the blood diamond
networks. It is a relief to learn this week
that more of the Sierra Leone  
diamond smugglers have been
convicted of crimes against humanity.”

In several of Briggs’ Irish dancer
mysteries, 13-year-old heroine Liffey
Rivers  routinely disrupts international
blood diamond smuggling schemes
while not missing a step at her Irish
dance competitions. “Using the exciting
world of Irish dancing as a backdrop, it
has been possible to describe the
channels through which conflict
diamonds flow to a young audience,”
says Briggs.  

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