Are There Fairies (Sidhe) In Ireland?

Proof there ARE fairies in Ireland.
Taken from:

The Sligo Champion January 2007

There is a Seal Bank in Sligo where
seals or perhaps Selkies,
(sometimes called Silkies) sun
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Former Solas lead singer Karan Casey, Altan's Mairead Mi
Mhaonaigh, and Afro Celt Sound System's Iarla O Lionaird are joined by
members of Nomos and other Celtic music luminaries on The Seal
Maiden: A Celtic Musical. Inspired by the Selkie (a sea spirit that can
take the form of a seal or a beautiful young man or woman), the
musical features authentic Celtic instrumentation, including penny
whistles, fiddles, pipes, bodhrans, and concertinas on songs like "The
Waves Down in the Ocean," "The Song of the Seal," "Seoithin," and
"We're Going Sailing."