Briggs has created the perfect series
of adventures for Irish dancers... Each
one is a delightful read for dancers,
lovers of Ireland and lovers of a good
mystery, and a great way for kids to
learn a bit more about their Irish
heritage and other cultures."
"This series of "Tween" books by Brenna
Briggs has everything: a great mystery,
Irish culture, and  plenty of Irish dancing.
Brenna Briggs writes with flair and passion,
and her novels fill a  yawning gaping hole in
literature  for Irish-American girls. Write on,
Ms. Briggs! We can't wait for the rest of
Liffey's adventures!"
BellaOnline: Irish Culture Editor
The Verdict:
"Think Nancy Drew meets the
Irish  dance   world. Anyone
who loves Irish dance will enjoy
reading about Liffey’s

"The future is bright  
for Liffey Rivers."
Copyright Brenna Briggs-Brockagh Books 2006-2015
Irish dancer Liffey Rivers sets out during a
freak November 1st blizzard in Mineral Point,
Wisconsin, to help a friend decipher a
mysterious puzzle that may lead to an
undiscovered gold mine. When a blast of
frigid wind deposits a huge pile of snow in
her path, Liffey uses her Irish dance training
to launch herself over it and discovers that
High Street has two sides: a Gray Dog side
and a Red Rooster side. Same direction. Very
different paths.

The Mystery of the Pointing Dog is Wisconsin
historical fiction, interwoven with Liffey
Rivers’ most challenging and baffling
mystery to date.






                    LIFFEY RIVERS
  The Mystery of the Whispering Trees
Available October 2015
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