Briggs has created the perfect series
of adventures for Irish dancers... Each
one is a delightful read for dancers,
lovers of Ireland and lovers of a good
mystery, and a great way for kids to
learn a bit more about their Irish
heritage and other cultures."
"This series of "Tween" books by Brenna
Briggs has everything: a great mystery,
Irish culture, and  plenty of Irish dancing.
Brenna Briggs writes with flair and passion,
and her novels fill a  yawning gaping hole in
literature  for Irish-American girls. Write on,
Ms. Briggs! We can't wait for the rest of
Liffey's adventures!"
BellaOnline: Irish Culture Editor
The Verdict:
"Think Nancy Drew meets the
Irish  dance   world. Anyone
who loves Irish dance will enjoy
reading about Liffey’s

"The future is bright  
for Liffey Rivers."
Copyright Brenna Briggs-Brockagh Books 2006-2015
Irish dancer Liffey Rivers sets out during a
freak November 1st blizzard in Mineral Point,
Wisconsin, to help a friend decipher a
mysterious puzzle that may lead to an
undiscovered gold mine. When a blast of
frigid wind deposits a huge pile of snow in
her path, Liffey uses her Irish dance training
to launch herself over it and discovers that
High Street has two sides: a Gray Dog side
and a Red Rooster side. Same direction. Very
different paths.

The Mystery of the Pointing Dog is Wisconsin
historical fiction, interwoven with Liffey
Rivers’ most challenging and baffling
mystery to date.

Book 1

    Book 2

Book 3

Book 4     

Book 5
          Book  6      

                 LIFFEY RIVERS
       The Mystery of the Whispering Trees
         Available October 2015
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